PCB Assembly

OSI Electronics provides comprehensive PCB Assembly services, from prototyping to high-volume production. Our board assembly operations have the flexibility needed to satisfy evolving Customer process demands. We utilize advanced equipment, enterprise-level shopfloor system control and a regimented skills certification system to enforce production processes and deliver high quality end products.

Automated Production and Test

  • Flexible, High Throughput SMT and Thru-Hole production lines

  • Automated selective and robotic soldering

  • 3D X-Ray

  • ICT, MDA, and Functional Test

Secondary Processes

  • Automated Conformal and Nano Coating lines

  • Automated and Manual Soldering with IPC-A610 certified operators

  • Automated panel routing and cleaning


  • No-clean and Acqueous processes

  • Lead-free (RoHS) and Leaded processes

  • Nitrogen reflow

  • 01005 to large custom components

Process Controls

  • Aegis MES traceability and geneaology

  • Automated process locks and notifications

  • In-line SPI and AOI equipment