Manufacturing Systems

OSI Electronics has deployed the infrastructure and application intelligence required to establish controlled manufacturing processes. Manual operator stations, machines and testers are integrated with the shopfloor management system to expose comprehensive serialized product data for analysis. Real-time process alarms ensure unit faults are identified and failures are properly corrected prior to shipment. With an in-house software development team dedicated to manufacturing operations, OSI Electronics can integrate custom testers, apply customer-specified rule sets and automate required data outputs.

Material and Process Traceability

  • Mfg lot or date code, including reverse trace

  • Routing and quality history 

  • Genealogy through shipment

Parametric Data Integration

  • Operator-entered measurements

  • Inspection equipment results

  • Test step values, including symptom failure codes 

Process Alarms and Interlocks

  • LL 1st pass and aggregate yields by operation

  • Skipped processes and unit failures

  • Interlock redundancy, including final packout

Outputs and Visibility

  • Auto-generated CofCs by unique BoxID

  • Serial number parametric reporting

  • OBA AQL sampling and lot SPC calculations

  • Case-specific direct access to serialized unit trace