OSI Electronics has a long history of stable and successful service to significant technology markets across the globe. For over 40 years, our strategically located facilities have provided local support and manufacturing services while service as the bridge to our facilities in the lower cost regions of Asia. With over 30 years of continuously successful operations in Southeast Asia, our customers can depend on OSI Electronics to be the long-term manufacturing partner they need.  Our North American and UK operations provide the local service and support our customers need to optimize supply chains and meet time-to-market challenges.

Built from a 50-year tradition of high-tech manufacturing

OSI Electronics was born from the vertical integration strategy that OSI Optoelectronics has successfully followed for the past 50 years. As our business of providing comprehensive solutions for our optoelectronic customers grew, demand from our customers for services beyond the scope of optoelectronics created the catalyst for expanding into the general manufacturing services market.

In the 1990’s, we established our internal cable assembly and PCB assembly capabilities in our California and Southeast Asia facilities. Over the past 30 years we’ve acquired and successfully integrated additional manufacturing facilities in the US, England, and Singapore. Additionally, we’ve invested in our own start-up operations in the US and Southeast Asia.

These investments have created a solid framework for the wide range of service expertise we deliver to hundreds of customers on four continents. With over 3,000 employees worldwide, a continuing strong investment in equipment and technology, and the financial strength of our parent company OSI Systems, we delivery quality results for our customers across the wide range of markets we serve.

Our Commitment to Your Success

As a leading provider of electronic solutions for brand name original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), OSI Electronics provides customers with the capabilities and purchasing power of a global electronics manufacturing company, while delivering regional and personalized service. We strive to build lasting relationships and create close and valued partnerships with our customers.

Quality and System Certifications

We ensure the integrity of all the products we manufacture through the implementation of industry specific certifications, process controls, and traceability. From our state-of-the-art equipment to our highly skilled teams, we are certified and trained to meet top industry standards. OSI Electronics is committed to manufacturing quality electronics for critical applications.

OSI Electronics is proud to set standards for quality and regulatory compliance. Our quality team is dedicated to assuring our facilities and processes are up to date and continuously measured against leading manufacturing standards. OSI Electronics’ quality assurance is an integral part of our manufacturing solutions.


OSI Electronics develops innovative products and services that create customer value, demonstrates operational excellence by ensuring industry leading product performance, and seeks to create a work environment of trust and respect that recognizes and rewards job performance.

OSI Electronics strives to foster a culture of compliance, honesty and accountability to maintain our strong reputation and preserve the trust of our customers, shareholders, and communities.


Honest and ethical

Addressing issues openly and directly

Demonstrating respect for our colleagues and customers


Collaborating and supporting each other

Striving to live our values and achieve our company mission

Challenging each other to be efficient and productive


Encouraging innovation and creativity in everything we do

Developing products which create value for our customers

Anticipating and adapting to market needs and trends


Doing what we say we will do

Taking personal responsibility for achieving results

Acknowledging and learning from our mistakes


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Ethics & Compliance

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