PFC Flexible Circuits

For over 25 years PFC Flexible Circuits, located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada has designed, manufactured and assembled flexible and rigid flex circuits.  As part of the OSI Electronics family since 2018, the business has evolved to provide both engineering and production flex circuits and assemblies for the medical, aerospace, telecommunications and industrial markets.


  • Design, Development and Material Selection services

  • Quick-turn fabrication of production quality flex circuits

  • Production volume Flex Circuit fabrication and Assembly

  • 2 high-speed SMT lines to provide turnkey solutions

  • Leveraging Asian sources for assembly migration to OSIE's low cost operations

Quality and Regulatory

  • ISO9001:2015 Certified

  • ISO13485:2015 Certified

PFC Flexible Circuits Limited 11
Canadian Rd, Suite 7
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada M1R 5G1